We spent our initial formative years as financial professionals in the doldrums of the global financial crisis.  This harrowing experience drove us to seek out a better way to invest; an approach that would rigorously protect our downside, while maintaining an attractive expected return profile throughout economic and financial market cycles. 

After years of research and experience across multiple market environments, we established a set of four core principles that make up our investment philosophy.  By applying these principles, we deliver sustainable, long-term value to our clients.

  • Multi-Dimensional Diversification – We believe that in order to most effectively limit risk and enhance risk-adjusted returns, a portfolio must not only diversify across asset classes, but also across time frames and strategy dynamics. 

  • Disciplined Risk Management and Strategy Execution – Across all our investment and trading strategies, we seek to generate incremental returns and protect client capital by giving meticulous attention to risk management, portfolio construction, and ever-improving trading technology.

  • A Systematic Method – Through extensive research and analysis, we seek to identify long-term, repeatable sources of returns that are grounded in economic and behavioral theory. Our insights are then implemented in a disciplined, rules-based fashion to reduce our own subjective biases and emotional decision making.

  • Passion for the Markets – Over the long term, we believe the key to achieving superior performance in today’s highly competitive investment landscape is an undying passion for investing, trading, and continuous research and education.  Our passion for the markets continually drives us to research new ideas, use our findings to expand and improve our methodologies, and adapt as markets evolve.

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